1. This ruined my day. So here. You’re welcome.

    This ruined my day. So here. You’re welcome.

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  2. kissasohma said: Shaving or waxing?

    Wax erthang. Ingrowns are not cute.

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  4. Grown woman.

    Grown woman.

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  5. Let it be effortless.

    Let it be effortless.

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  6. Dirty hotel rooms and photoshoots.

    Dirty hotel rooms and photoshoots.

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  7. 🙏


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  8. Bts.


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  9. Shirt from brittgarrison.com/shop

    Shirt from brittgarrison.com/shop

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  10. Let me vent for a second. I constantly am told I am “slut shaming” when I discuss my morals. I was raised a certain way. Old school as hell. Don’t get me wrong, I love the human body— LOVE it. It is art. I’ve never been a fan of young girls exploiting themselves. I don’t think a 15 year old girl in a thong online is art. I think it is sad that girls grow up thinking that that’s the only way to get a man’s attention. I embrace my sexuality and always have. However, I personally prefer to keep some things private for my man. I PERSONALLY think having mystery adds to sex appeal. I choose to only reveal certain parts of myself to my man. Now trust me. I can appreciate perky boobs and a well earned “clearly I squat 200 lbs” ass. However, it’s just my choice to not post that on the internet. The term slut-shaming gets on my fucking nerves. Everyone else is free to do whatever they want. I just don’t get down a certain way. This generation just makes me giggle. They’re so passionate about the most random ass things. I’ve browsed some of the twitter pages of people calling me a “slut shamer” and see them calling their also non black friends “nigga” or making racist jokes or posting things making fun of poverty or world issues. If you wanna fight for humanity and equality. Be fair then. Don’t pick and choose what to be on people’s asses for. Slut shaming is the least of my fucking concern when there’s bigger issues in this world like kids growing up in slums and starving or innocent kids born with HIV and AIDS. Everyone wants to act like an activist until it counts. Everyone wants to correct someone else until a finger is potentially pointed back at them. Okay. I’m done now.

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  12. Why weren’t you here to touch all over me when I woke up?

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  13. Sometimes you gotta just give people some space and time to miss you. But please understand. Just because you don’t hear from me every hour doesn’t mean that you are not on my mind every minute.

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  14. I better get hips when I have a baby cause puberty just didn’t wanna bless ya girl.

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  15. If your lips look like this, don’t ever kiss me.

    If your lips look like this, don’t ever kiss me.

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